Make Your Office Come to Life This Christmas

As we turn the corner to Christmas, decorating is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Somewhere in the rush of preparations the office gets left out, and even more so since no one is going to be there over the Holidays. However, setting the mood for the Holidays begins in the office where you spend most of your days, and brings people together with anticipation for the festivities of Christmas. We bring you a few ideas to decorate the office space that will certainly harbour the spirit of the season.

All these office decorating ideas are environment and pocket friendly, and will make coming to office a pleasure over the coming weeks. Why not run a Christmas Quiz? It’s bound to get employees into the mood and it could be a product or service quiz that will assist them in their research. Or, run a ‘Secret Santa’ in your department or entire office. It’s as simple as each person picking a name from a hat and then that’s who they purchase a gift for. They will never know who bought their gift, and you will never know who bought yours!

See how you go with some of these ideas:

  1. Employees can be encouraged to gift wrap their office planter pots. There could be competition for the best decorated pot. Be careful not to damage the plant! This is a wonderful ecologically friendly way to have fun and utilise the plants you already have in the office. To be even more sustainable, everyone could be asked to use recycled products to decorate the pots.
  2. Run a Bay decoration contest, with all the rules laid out. Again, why not see who can make the most of recycling or items that are handy around the office. You can also have a donation box where people can “donate” their surplus decorations. It goes without saying that a token prize needs to be given out to the best decorated bay.
  3. Gift wrap all inner doors with red and green ribbon and bows which can be blue tacked on. This will throw an element of surprise, and make even a visit to the rest room fun. Old boxes just wrapped prettily and placed around the office will be a fun effect as well. Just sticking on festive wrapping paper to desk drawers will instantly uplift the mood for everyone. Miniature Christmas trees are an inexpensive way to liven up work cubicles and using artificial ones will allow them to be recycled each year with different decorations.
  4. Pine cones, baubles and candy canes can be suspended from the ceiling on brightly coloured ribbon and/or tinsel for an instant festive look. This can look nice across windows to ensure your neighbours know your workplace is in the festive mood.
  5. Since this is an office, a number of constraints need to be kept in mind, and it is better to go with the least fussy decorations. If the office policy allows hanging lights on windows, investing in and decorating with Christmas lights, which will all be reusable, is another good idea.
  6. Snow flake decals are available cheaply at the Dollar shops, and look pretty as a picture pasted on windows. Combine this with cotton wool ‘snow’ over cubicle edges to complete the look.
  7. Green paper buntings strung in Christmas tree conical shapes and topped with either cotton wool snowmen, huge red bows, or glittering stars will lift up everyone’s spirits.
  8. The least expensive decoration, and the first to strike a warm, fuzzy feeling in everyone’s hearts when they start work each day, would be a Christmassy Screensaver and Wallpaper. All employees, or at least most of them, would be using a computer, and imagine how much nicer their day will be each morning when they ‘switch on’ to start the day with a Merry Christmas message!

We hope this helps you to enjoy the festive season in the lead up to the Christmas break and Christmas Day!