Hiring Indoor Plants Versus Buying

Well maintained indoor plants brighten the office environment, improve worker’s morale and health, and make visitors feel more welcome. All that, can be provided by an indoor plant hire company for about the price of a cup of coffee per week per large plant. Yet some office managers still feel that they can save money by buying their own plants and asking an office worker to look after them.

This article details the advantages to you of out sourcing the supply and maintenance of your indoor pants to a professional indoor plant hire company.

First, let us summarize the many benefits that indoor plants bring to your company.

  • They soften and beautify what might otherwise be a harsh and boring indoor space.
  • Indoor plants remove health harming toxins from the office air.
  • They can stabilize the humidity in the office.
  • Indoor plants improve the morale and productivity of office workers.
  • Indoor plants absorb noise

It is self evident that in order to get these benefits, indoor plants need to be healthy and presentable. Neglected, half dead indoor plants do not beautify anything, nor do they make people feel better, in fact they have the opposite effect.

What then are the main advantages in hiring indoor plants rather then buying them?

1. One of the main advantages is that it is HASSLE FREE to you

  • You do not have to worry about asking an employee to look after the plants, or who is responsible when that person goes on holidays or gets sick.Indoor plant hire companies have trained technicians who come on a regular basis.
  • You do not have to organize replacement plants, when the old plants become unsightly. Office plants have a limited life, generally between 6 to 12 months.Indoor plant hire technicians carry indoor plants with them for changing if needed.

2. Another advantage is that an indoor plant hire service can be FLEXIBLE. If you reduce the office in size and do not need as many plants, you can send them back easily.
If you change your décor you may want to change the planters to compliment the new décor. If you have bought the planters, you would then have to throw them out and buy new planters.Most indoor plant hire companies will change the style of planter for you or maybe change the colour, often for little extra cost.

3. Indoor plant hire companies have access to the LATEST and most STYLISH planters from overseas. Our company imports planters from overseas, specifically designed for the indoor plant hire market. You might have to buy your planters from a local pot place, who generally deal in ceramic pots, heavy and many have holes in the bottom, creating a leaking risk.

4. All factors considered it is more ECONOMIC to rent plants then it is to buy them.
Compared to a plant that you could rent for the cost of a cup of coffee per week (say $3.00 per week), you would have to allow an initial out lay of between $120 and $150 for the plant and the planter, to cover:

  • Leak proof planter.
  • Hardy indoor plant in 300mm grow pot.
  • Incidentals such as coconut fiber or pebbles
  • Cost for delivery and installation

On an ongoing basis you would then have to allow at least $150 per annum

  • Replacement plant at least once a year.
  • Cost for delivery and installation.
  • Labour cost. (for the time spend on the indoor plant, say 5 minutes a week).

These same costs would apply to an indoor plant hire company, but on a reduced basis. We can buy plants and planters wholesale (or direct from over seas), we use labour saving devices such as sub-irrigation (allowing us to service plants less frequently then weekly), and our whole business is set up to economically install and maintain indoor plants.

1. You know the indoor plants are going to LOOK GOOD ALL THE TIME, and if there is a problem with one of the plants,most indoor plant hire companies will change it free of charge within 24 hours.

2. Unless you are an indoor plant expert (in which case you should be working for us) you will probably buy the wrong plants for your office. Plants that need a lot of light will finish up in a dark corner, and vice versa. Most indoor plant hire companies provide a FREE ADVISORY service, making sure the plants match the position. That way the life of the plant is extended.

If you are still not sure, why not get a free quotation and do the sums yourself, but make sure you compare like with like and allow for all costs.

About the Author

Rudy Ursem is the General Manager / Owner of Green Design Indoor Plant Hire in Sydney Australia. He has operated this business for more then 25 years. Prior to that Rudy obtained a Civil Engineering degree at the University of NSW.

Further information on the subject of this article can be obtained at http://www.greendesign.com.au

Indoor plants like this Pleomele "Song of India" help improve the indoor air quality by removing VOCs.
Ficus Lyrata in Banana Leaf Planter.
This planter is available from Green Design on forward order.

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