Indoor Plants Reduce Stress and Improve Productivity

There is now a wealth of evidence to show that the use of indoor plants can produce significant psychological benefits, and that it does not need a jungle to obtain these benefits, a few strategically placed plants will do.

Early studies by Professor Roger Ulrich in the United States showed that hospital patients recovered faster and with less complications from major surgery if they had a view of nature from their window. His conclusion is that “views of plants and nature can reduce stress and in certain circumstances may have beneficial health related influences”.

Indoor Plants and Stress by Roger Ulrich

Studies by Virginia Lohr at the Washington State University documents the psychological benefits achieved by adding indoor plants to a windowless work place. Participants’ blood pressure and emotions were monitored whole completing simple tasks both in the absence and the presence of indoor plants. Virginia Lohr reports that when plants were added the participants were 12% more productive and were less stressed then in a room without plants.

Indoor Plants and Productivity by Virginia Lohr

Further evidence that indoor plants improve productivity and have psychological benefits has been shown in studies by John Bergs in Holland, Professor Fjeld in Norway and Helen Russel in Britain.

Indoor Plants have Psychological Benefits by John Bergs

All these studies show that stress is reduced in an office with plants, and that people recover from their stress more quickly.

Latest results from U.T.S. study

Professor Margaret Burchett has concluded her three year study into the
benefits of indoor plants in offices. It showed, amongst other things, that plants
can substantially reduce levels of anxiety and stress in building occupants.

For a full copy of the report please click here.

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