Indoor Plant Hire in Sydney for office and showrooms

Selecting office plants to hire

When it comes to selecting which office plants to hire we can advise on the best indoor plants to suit your office or showroom etc, a number of factors will be taken into consideration:

  • The amount of light available. Whilst natural light is best, normal artificial office lighting is suitable for most indoor plant hire
  • What indoor plant would best help in reducing specific air pollutants present.
  • Does the office plant display also have a functional requirement i.e. should they act as dividers or noise dampeners.
  • What indoor plant display and type would look best in the particular office set-up.
  • The following planters show some of the office plants commonly used in indoor plant hire.
  • The list is not exhaustive and our consultants can discuss with you other office plants and display types best suited for your requirements.
  • Toxin removal rating is out of 10, and is from “Eco Friendly House Plants” by B.C.Wolverton.
  • Feel free to select plants but we need to confirm that they are suitable for the position.
  • Not all indoor plants are always available.

So if it is indoor plant hire in Sydney you need, it’s Green Design – enquire now!

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