Vertical Gardens and Green Walls in Sydney

Vertical gardens and green walls have become extremely popular over the last few years in Sydney and the greater NSW area. They are basically two names for the same thing – vertical greenery! See below for a number of styles of such vertical greenery with corresponding galleries and information. The below information outlines the versatile range of styles of such vertical greenery with their corresponding galleries.

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Moss Walls

Large scale moss walls are currently available in Australia through Green Design in Sydney. These are ‘real’ moss walls which have been preserved, making them almost maintenance free. With moss, Green Design is able to add another dimension to vertical green walls. Each wall is custom designed and installed by Green Design to compliment your interior design project on any scale.

We are the leaders in the new and exciting market of moss walls and our process has gradually evolved assuring long term installation success. It looks and feels lush and soft, giving a sense of the outdoors to any office. Small moss art or full scale moss walls, vertical gardens…the choice is yours with Green Design in Sydney!

Traditional Vertical Gardens

The traditional vertical garden has been used in offices for many years and consists of a grid of powder coated steel bars in which small square pots with plants can be suspended. The plants are generally spaced 20cm apart both horizontally and vertically.

While the traditional vertical garden can be positioned against a wall, it is ideal as a space divider and can also be put on top of office cabinets. Plant choice will determine how bushy and full your vertical garden will look. This will depend on the level of any partitioning required.

ECO Green Walls

ECO green walls differ from traditional vertical gardens in that there are no gaps between the plants. Additionally, the plants are much lusher and a larger variety of indoor plants can be used. These are installed against a wall for an aesthetically pleasing and healthy form of ‘Living Art’.

ECO green walls are populated with standard indoor plants and do not require the high light levels of many standard green walls. For the plants to look their best a minimum light level of only 600 lux is required and Green Design consultants are available to assist you to ensure best possible results.


The Plantrack is similar to the traditional vertical garden but is more robust and can hold larger pot plants. With the increase in space between the planters, a large variety of indoor plants can be used, including bushy plants that give a more ‘lush’ feel to the space.

Plantracks and their planters can be produced in any standard Dulux colour to suit your décor or corporate colours. Colour can be what makes the difference between an industrial, conservative or quirky look. You decide!

Other Vertical Systems

There are many other ways to achieve vertical greenery. These include planter boxes/baskets supported by wires or stacked boxes or row bags nailed to the wall (woolly pockets).There are new concepts and ideas constantly being created both by our suppliers and Green Design’s product development team. The ‘green gallery’ are framed planters mounted on a wall which can be clustered together to form your preferred design. Our adaptable round vertical garden consists of round columns and pots which form a multitude of shapes and styles, rather than traditional vertical gardens which are square and generally less flexible.

Vertical gardens and green walls are not just a stunning addition to an office. Plants have been shown to lift people’s mood, increase productivity and remove toxins from indoor spaces. Which type of planting is appropriate for you will depend on such things as the amount of space, the extent to which the plants are to remove VOC’s from the air and the look you are trying to achieve.
Our Green Assist consultant can help.

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