Relax and Enjoy the Tranquility of Moss Walls

Moss walls are the latest trend in interior design and offer an alternative to the traditional ‘green walls’ and other office plants. This new concept not only creates an interest, but adds a unique style for harmony in the workplace and bringing the outdoors…in!

In today’s crowded cities with chaotic lifestyle, the digital world and constant mental chatter, the isolation from nature has never been so prominent.

The Moss perfectly fills the desire and need to be closer to nature. They are a stunning and relatively low-maintenance way to bring some beautiful nature into your office or work environment. The gentle Moss Walls soothe the inner sense. The natural look of the Moss carries universal timeless appeal.

Though it’s a new trend for indoor spaces, Buddhist monks have been creating moss walls for centuries and used their healing powers to remedy many ailments. This explains the enchanted feeling and sense of cool tranquility, along with the sensation of being closer to nature.

In modern cities, where pollution and concrete structures surround us, Mosses persist in the forgotten spaces. Now they are able to be remembered…right there on your office wall! The best part is they can be installed practically anywhere and are completely custom made to suit. Although the science is not concluded, there is research going on in Europe to test if, like office plants, they also filter out the toxins from the air as they draw in moisture.

Moss Walls are an ideal solution for people who want to have a big green space in their interior but don’t want to go to the trouble of watering or maintaining. These walls don’t need any water and only need maintenance twice a year! Even though the Moss is preserved, it feels moist and Moss Wall as an alternative to Green Walls keeps its colour. Adding an extra dimension to your indoor plant hire, this low maintenance Moss Wall can not only save money, but it will add a natural look to the overall décor making it cozier.

The Moss Wall will quietly endure, harbouring the spirit of the wilderness and deep rainforests, despite any adversity going on around it. So let the Moss Wall transport you to another place of simplicity, seclusion, mystery and possibility.

This miniature landscape can join other office plants by providing much needed peace and tranquility in our fast and busy lifestyle, helping to get rid of the stress of everyday life, and simply relax.

So breathe deeply and feel closer to nature with Moss Walls.